As a homeowner, you want to do everything that you can to protect your family and your loved ones that live with you. With the high cost of installation for home security systems, many homeowners are now looking into the idea of do-it-yourself home security system installation. Is this a good idea? Is this a bad idea? Today’s post will explore this whole concept by looking at the positives and negatives.


The pros of a DIY home security system?

Save money. This is obvious as you will save money on the monthly fees and the sometimes-high installation fees. The money that you save here can be put toward installing a more high-tech system or even towards upgrading your windows down the line. Any savings as a homeowner are always helpful.

No contracts. Most homeowners already have enough contracts to deal with. When you install your own home security system you won’t have to put up with signing a contract or any other technicalities. This will create a nice amount of flexibility and you’re free to figure out how you want to deal with your home security moving forward without feeling stuck to a long-term deal.

Easy to install. A task like installing home security can seem very daunting at first. The fortunate part is that the videos and guides that come with the software make it really easy to install. After reading about reviews on forums we found that some folks that were not so tech-savvy had their systems up within an hour.

In the past this was a great barrier as only the most proficient at home maintenance tasks would dare to install their own home security system. Now with a video and an instructional guide you can turn a lazy Saturday into a family project where you install a home security system together.

The cons of a DIY home security system?

Activation issues. You must ensure that your self-installed home security system is turned on and activated at all times. After conducting much research, we were amazed to find out how many homeowners have forgotten to activate their system while away from home. This is something that you need to watch out for because you spent the money on the equipment so that your home would be protected at all times.

Mess up the installation. No matter how much research you perform, you always run into the issue of technical challenges. Not saying that it will happen to you, but you never know when technology can fail on you (as we have all learned by now). The installation is easy but keeps in mind that everything is much simpler when someone else does it for you.


Hopefully, at this point, you can determine if do-it-yourself home security is the right option for the protection of your home and the family that you live with. Please take this decision very seriously.

  • Protection from break-ins. An alarm system can often prevent burglars from coming into your home. You can avoid the hassle altogether this way.
  • Fire detection. You don’t want to lose your most valued possessions or risk the health of anyone in your family due to a fire. Most alarm systems come with fire protection so that you’ll be notified as soon as there’s any excessive smoke of any kind.
  • Insurance discounts. As a homeowner, you understand the value and cost of home owner’s insurance. An alarm system is highly beneficial because it reduces your overall insurance costs. This is a nice little saving in your pocket
  • Increase in property value. A home with an already installed home alarm system can be sold for a higher price than one without.
  • You can relax. With a home alarm system, you can relax at night and where you’re out of town because your home is protected at all times. For some of us, this peace of mind is all that we need.

There you have it Vancouver residents. We hope that you find the best alarm system to keep your home safe.